Body System’s Reaction To Vitamin Therapy

As we know, adhering to a good diet and nutrient is amazingly vital to keep the body in balance. On the other hand, increased demand, decreased absorption, and lack of nutrients can drastically reduce your body’s nutritional status and, thus health.

Decreased absorption is the main reason for low nutrient status. As we all know, healthy eating and nutrition are extremely important to keep the body in balance. However, reduced absorption, increased demand, and lack of nutrition can dramatically reduce your body’s overall nutritional status and, therefore, health.

Reduced absorption is the most unsuspecting cause of low nutrient status. It can result from a various of common issues such as chronic or acute stress, deficient or excess stomach acid, diarrhea, ulcers intestinal inflammation (Cohn’s, IBS, IBD), allergies, constipation and bloating gas.

Increased demand is associated with chronic illness, athletics, pregnancy, travel, insomnia, bacterial or infections, surgery, and chronic stress.

What is vitamin IV? it’s a solution of mineral and vitamins known as Myers’ Cocktail, developed more than 30 years back by Baltimore doctor John Myers. It contains vitamins (B12, B9, B6, B5, B3, B2, and B1), vitamin C, magnesium and calcium.

Different ingredients or vitamins can be added to the Myers’ Cocktail protocol, “customizing” it to the patient’s general health and diagnosis in addition to condition being treated.

The procedure generally takes somewhere around one and two hours, and can cost $100 to $300 every session. Numerous celebs and devotees go to sessions in beverly hills on a weekly basis. There are reports that vitamin iv therapy beverly hills is the healthy way of treating various conditions, including:
Acute infections

Acute or chronic muscle spasm

Acute viral illness/colds

Athletes who need quick recovery for athletic events


Cardiovascular disease

Chronic depression

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with or without Epstein-Barr virus

Congestive heart failure


Ischemic vascular disease

Migraine headaches

Narcotic withdrawal

Respiratory problems

Seasonal allergic rhinitis


Tension headaches

The main benefit of vitamin IV therapy over oral nutrition is the advantage of bypassing the digestive limitation as discussed before and supplying the body with a medicinal dose of crucial nutrients. This guarantees absorption and supply of nutrients at the cellular level.

The Myers’ cocktail has picked up its reputation from the prompt and long-term results patient after the treatment. Sometimes during the injection, a few patients may feel a gentle flush or taste the vitamins B.

Similarly, as with any vitamin IV therapy, there can be mild bruising or irritation at the injection site. In summary, intravenous nutrient therapy is a quick, safe, and greatly viable treatment for an extensive variety of clinical conditions.