Finding The Right Replacement Parts For Your Appliances

When your dryer quits working, you realize how much we all take this magical appliance for granted!

Locating the parts to fix it becomes the top priority, because who has time to go old-school and hang clothes out on a line to dry?

I put together this guide to assist you in finding new parts for a dryer, so you can get back to enjoying dry, warm, wrinkle-free clothes fresh from the dryer as soon as possible!

How to Find the Right Parts for Appliances

Follow these steps to find the right parts for your broken dryer or any other home appliance you are having issues.

1. Find the make and model of your appliance or part

Locating new parts for a dryer begins with knowing the exact make and model of your appliance.

You could try visiting a parts store and tell them you are looking for that “thingy” that spins the drum on your unknown model dryer. This method always ends well, not!

Don’t waste everyone’s time and do your research first.

If you don’t have the original owner’s manual, you need to locate the tag on the back of the unit that details this information, so the part you buy is the right match.

If possible, locate and remove the broken part. This part should have more identifying numbers on it, which will make finding a replacement much more straightforward.

2. Search and locate

The internet is the first place most people turn to when searching for replacement parts for an appliance.

Type your make, model, and part number (if available) into any search engine and scroll through any relevant information.

Major appliance manufacturers typically sell replacement parts directly through their websites. You can also find local retailers that carry the part you need so that you can pick up the item right away.

Another way to locate new parts for a dryer or other appliance is to ask friends, relatives, or neighbors their recommendations for local shops that deal with this type of repair.

Many appliance repair shops carry a wide assortment of parts from the major manufacturers and sell these direct to the public.

Working with a local shop also gives you the option of hiring a repairperson with the tools and experience to quickly fix your broken dryer.

Using a professional repair service may also be necessary when dealing with an appliance still under warranty.

Be suspicious of third-party online sellers who sell “universal” parts. We all know that everything on the internet is believable, but some deals are too good to be true!


Knowing the correct make and model of your broken dryer and using a reputable parts dealer makes finding the right replacement parts for your appliances quite simple.

So put those fans, hairdryers, and clotheslines away because following this guide will have your broken dryer back in action in no time!